images-2Every day we have multiple opportunities to interact with other people. This includes people we already know but most of the times we are surrounded by people we do not know yet. Have you ever actively thought about how you  approach people you don’t know? Does is regularly happen to you that would like to talk to someone you don’t know but you hesitate and miss the opportunity? A change in your mind-set with regards to other people can make a huge difference in your approach.

images-31I recently read the book of Steve Pavlina “Personal Development for Smart People” and found a simple but very effective advice on how set your mind-set to be more open when meeting new people.  One of his ideas is to image that you already are connected to all other people. I tried to apply this idea for a few weeks and the results are amazing. I am living a Tokyo - the largest city of the world - and you basically don’t care about people these many people you interact with every day. Thinking that you are connected already makes you more friendly in the first place. It probably is common sense that people then react in a nice way and both feel good.

But it also is amazing how much easier it becomes to approach totally new people. I tried this on a fair for Japanese food last week since it was the perfect occasion to interact with strangers. The idea of Steve Pavlina changed my approach and I never felt uncomfortable talking to someone . Discussions with other people started in a very natural and open way with a human touch.

You also have t be aware that this approach does not become a habit immediately. It takes a few weeks until you automatically apply it to every person you meet. But I can assure you that it is worth going for it. It does not cost money or hours of preparation - just a though to be connected already before you start talking.

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13 Responses to “Change your mind-set to easily connect with other people”

  1. I like that idea. What I do when I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, I assume that we’re already friendly acquaintances so the pressure of talking to a “new person” is gone. You’re right - just change your mindset and you can do it!

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