Advertisement has an important function. It shall inform consumers about new products and services as well as their benefits. However, marketers developed a very good understanding on how to create new desires and how to motivate people to purchase their products. This business has grown to a huge industry which is penetrating almost every place in our lives with more or less visible advertisements. If you want to increase your personal productivity it also might be interesting to have a look at how you consume advertising.

1) TV advertising

Watching movies on TV with advertisement break is one of the most effective ways to waste time. Instead of enjoying a 90 minutes movie you have to spend 2 hours or more in front of the screen and accept frequent interruptions. It is much more effective to watch movies on DVD, Video on Demand or Cable TV. Although it might cost some extra money, you should go for it. On one hand it is worth the extra time it generates and on the other hand the costs might reduce you spend in front of the TV in general allowing you to more participate in social life or education.

2) Postal Mailings

A lot of advertising might also come to you through your postal mail box. I reduced this to almost zero by implementing a virtual postal mailbox. Many companies seem to be hesitant to send advertising mass mails to a PO box. On top of this you can put a stiker on your physical mailbox that you don’t want any dirert advertising.

3) Email advertising

 In order to reduce spam e-mail you better keep a separate e-mail address for subscriptions or registrations where you feel the risk of receiving spam later. The best solution of course is not to subscribe such services at all but it probably is not realistic to fully avoid this. Once the level of spam on this e-mail address reaches a very high level you just shut it down and start again with a different one.

On the other hand your “real” e-mail address is used for trustable purposes only and remains relatively clean, so that the regular spam-filter will work.

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