One of the big questions is whether it is better to make a to-do list on paper rather than using an electronic tool.

My personal opinion is that electronic tools such as Nozbe, remember the milk, or Toodledo are superior in terms of features. You can have reminders, create hierarchies, define categories and context, etc., etc. The electronic tools can connect to your mobile phone and synchronize multiple PCs and some even allow to print your to-do-list as a booklet you carry with you. I am addicted to technology to improve my productivity. It comes as no surprise that I tried out countless solutions for electronic task management solutions. If you are a busy person and you need to complete many tasks per day the judgement on these tools is very simple.

The maintenance of these electronic solutions to manage your day-to-day tasks requires by far too much time!

Finally I keep working with a simple paper based to-do-list. Managing your to-do-list does not require all these great functions of the electronic solutions. Remember that you should focus on the most important tasks - this already reduces the number of items on your list. Secondly the objective of a to-do-list is to list up open tasks, to prioritize them and strike them out when completed. The positive feeling of striking out a task on a paper list is something no electronic feature could offer so far.

When I plan my day I take the list from the previous day and make a new one for the current day. The very old-fashioned exercise forces me to set the priorities for the day also considering the effective free time between phone calls and meetings. The e-book Todoodlist gives a very easy to implement graphical method to maintain a paper-based to-do-list.

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