Depending on the place you  live a car can be close to mandatory to ensure mobility. Increasing traffic means that the time spend in the car keeps growing and for many of us the car is not only used for commuting but it is an essential part of work. It therefore makes a lot of sense to me to apply time management and organization to the usage of a car.In a first article I want to write on how to keep your car clean and free from clutter.

1) First cleaning effort

If you recently refused to give someone a lift because you felt embarrassed about the mess in your car, you first have to go through a sorrow cleaning exercise. As a first step you take a big dust bin to your car and throw away  all rubbish and left overs. During this activity you should also go through  the glove department, the trunk and all other places. In the next step you take some warm water and a sponge to wipe all places and the inner side of the windows clean. You then thoroughly vacuum clean the car. When the car is absolutely clean you make a nice photo of it which you then fix inside the car. Each time you look at it you will reminded to keep the car clean. At the end you can put something in to keep a nice small in the car.

2) Objects you should have in your car

You should keep the originals or better a copy of the owner’s manual, the car warranty, some insurance documents and other documents you might need in the glove department. It is also good to keep a piece of paper with the most important emergency numbers. In case of an accident you might have lost your mobile phone or just forget some number under shock. You might also keep some maps in case your car is not equipped with a navigation system.

Keep a dust box, so that you don’t throw things on the floor or on the back seats. Also avoid using the ashtray. It is difficult to clean later. You might also keep a box of kleenex or baby wipes, so that you can directly wipe away small stains. In general you better have few objects only in your car and they should not be on the back-shelf. In case of an accident they   will dash forward and possibly hurt any passengers.

3) Objects that do not belong there

Get rid of mugs, a large collection of CDs ,etc. magazines and other stuff. I also recommend reducing decoration items to a minimum.

4) How to keep the car clean

  • Keep a box in your car for trash. Any trash which occurs in your car directly goes in the box, so that you can easily empty it later.
  • When you arrive at your destination get all stuff that does not permanently belong there out of your car. Also make it a habit to empty the trash box whenever you stop as gas stations etc.
  • Plan a regular cash cleaning routine and include it into your other checklists. If you can afford it, let others take care of it. If you have children they also might be happy to clean the car for a little bit of extra cash.
  • You might also create a separate checklist for all car related items including its maintenance

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