As a global trend airports get larger and larger. New terminals are being added in all large cities and the buildings become larger and larger often extending over multiple floors for arrival, departure, restaurants, services, parking, train stations, etc. Getting from one place to another in these impressive building can consume a significant amount of time. You can optimize your travel time significantly by following a few very simple rules:

  • Inform yourself in advance which terminal your flight is leaving from. Going to the wrong terminal makes you loose a lot of time and can generate huge stress in case you are a bit short on time.
  • When you need to change up to one or two floors you better use the escalators. If it more than two floors it often is faster to take an elevator - especially when you carry a lot of luggage with you.
  • Always use the flat escalators since they help you to cover large distances in short time and please NEVER stop walking on these escalators or if you walk slowly stay at one side so that people who are faster than you can pass.
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