One of the most powerful ways to gain extra time every day is to stand up immediately after you woke up. Many people spend up to an hour in bed awake before they really make the effort of getting up. Imagine what you could all do with for example extra 30 minutes every day. This gives you the equivalent of about 14 working days per year.

Now the question is how to motivate yourself to get up early. A few rules will help you changing your sleeping habits. 

1) Go to bed when you are sleepy

You should only go to bet when you are sleepy. You will then fall asleep within a few minutes and usually sleep without interruption until the next morning. The time you feel sleepy varies every day depending on the effort of that day, the weather and many other factors.

2) Set your alarm at the same time every day

Your body adapts quickly to repeating patterns. So if you want to learn getting up early you should set your alarm at the same time every day - if possible even for the weekends.

3) Get up immediately after waking up

The longer to stay in bed after your alarm rings the more difficult it becomes to get up. Once you are awake you better immediately sit up and leave your bed.

4) Reward yourself

Especially in the beginning this might feel very hard. Reward yourself with a nice breakfast, a good treatment during shower or something else. When you wake up but have difficulties to get up you can think of the reward waiting for you to increase your motivation. Getting up early then turns from something negative to something positive in your mindset.

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